Podcast Guests

Episode 1: Emily De Dakis

Emily (@accidentalemily) is a dramaturg and writer, from America. She is living in Belfast, working with Accidental Theatre. She just wrote a monologue on The Power of Music for Radio 3, performed by Black Books star Tamsin Grieg!

We recorded in Bookfinders Belfast, which has a huge collection of second hand books, a cafe and hosts numerous performances in poetry, storytelling and music. 

Episode 2: John Higgins and Joseph Nawaz

John Higgins is a playwright and critic, who writes at We Happy Few. Joseph Nawaz is a writer and PR agent. John and Joseph host a new podcast called Stale Mates, which is currently available on SoundCloud.

We recorded in Belfast Books @BelfastBooks, a second hand bookshop which specialises in political books among others.

Episode 3: Derm McGuigan (PasticheofSkin) and Will Convey

Derm McGuigan (https://twitter.com/PasticheOfDerm is a Let's Play game broadcaster, who specialises in the latest releases in Asian markets. Will Convey (@RealWillConvey) is a marketer and writer in Omagh. 

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