Sometimes we'll come up with words, or shorthands to ease the quaking burden of conversation with other human beings (ie language evolves). This is where you can find definitions of them, without having to darken my tower with your noise. Many of these have derived from Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted podcast.

This is a living page, so if you hear us use a phrase that you don't understand, tell us and we'll define it on here for future listeners.

Lie-Hole When a character in a sitcom tells a lie to avoid having to deal with consequences, but then have to tell further lies to avoid letting on they lied in the first place.

Wil': [eg: Bernard is a wil' grump/Manny is wil' calm when he eats little books]. An abbreviated form of the word wild, which can be used as direct substitute for the word very or as a means to attach further emphasis to a noun. Derives from James' Tyrone dialect

The Congregation/The Customers: A collective term for the listeners of Ecumenical Matters and None of That respectively.

Dylan: Refers directly to Dylan Moran, creator of Black Books and plays Bernard in the show.

Tamsin: Refers directly to Tamsin Greig, who plays Fran in the show

Bill: Refers directly to Bill Bailey, who plays Manny in the show

Graham: Refers directly to Graham Linehan, co-creator of Father Ted and Black Books.

Take five minutes: A direct instruction by James to guests, letting them know that they have the mic for up to five minutes to talk about whatever it is they are passionate about, without interruption.

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